Senior Issues

Senior IssuesThere are many issues facing senior citizens, but probably none more important than health. Not only can adverse health impact quality of life, but it can often have a devastating effect on financial health.

While we can’t protect your health, we can assist you in the protection of your assets against the potential expenses associated with extensive periods of care.

Our approach to this situation is through the use of asset-based solutions. While most people recognize the wisdom of owning their home instead of renting, they fail to apply this same logic to the purchase of long term care insurance.

Current statistics indicate that only about 18% of the age 65 population will need any level of assistance. Yet many seniors embark on an insurance plan that will require payments for the rest of their lives with little possibility of receiving benefits and no possibility of recovering their money.

Let us introduce you to the concept of owning your long term care protection. You can have peace of mind, protect your assets and be assured that if you don’t use the benefit your beneficiaries will.